Christmas in New Zealand

Have you wondered what to do on Christmas, being so far away from home, your friends and family? Well let me tell you… though it definitely won’t be the same as what you’re used to, spending Christmas in the sun definitely has its advantages! Kiwis love their summer BBQs and there are quite a few traditions that will make your holiday season unforgettable.

Christmas in the Park

Music, entertainment, food and drink and lots of fun! Christmas in the Park are Open Air concerts sponsored by Coca Cola in Christchurch and Auckland. There will be fireworks and of course SANTA CLAUSE. Check it out, it might be just the right thing to get you grooving.

Christmas Parades

Kiwis love their Christmas Parades. Every small town will have one and they start anytime in November right through to the big day. Check local newspapers and Facebook pages for updates and expect beautifully decorated cars and trailers (usually there is a theme for each parade), again lots of food and entertainment plus market stalls where you might find a few souvenirs for your loved ones back home.

Christmas Cracker

Who gets the goodies?

There won’t be a Kiwi Christmas party without the cracker! They are filled with confetti, a fortune telling message and toys. Grab a mate and pull them apart. Whoever has the longer end gets to keep the goodies inside.

Oh Christmas Tree…

Kiwis have their very own Christmas tree. The native Pohutukawa blossoms from December to January and lights up the streets and gardens in a very bright red and green.

Christmas Markets

Due to the European influence Christmas markets have become quite popular in New Zealand. They usually only last for a day or two, but are jampacked with artisan arts and crafts, lots of delicious food stalls and entertainment. Check your local newspapers and Facebook pages for more info. You are bound to find some iconic gifts to send home to your loved ones. And Santa will usually appear with a few goodies for the little ones.

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